Young Ladies in Training

YLIT is a program of C.H.O.R.D.S Enrichment Youth Program that is geared towards helping young women between the ages 11-18 years old who are in need of guidance, support and/or encouragement. We focus on empowering young Ladies by uplifting broken spirits and creating a new sense of self worth and confidence. The most common issues young women have in our society today are issues with self esteem, self identity, abuse of any kind, abandonment and lack of love and support. Our goal is to help address these issues, by providing supportive programs to overcome these issues.


Our program is designed to not only help youth but to also provide a safe haven for young ladies to meet other young Ladies and build supportive relationships. Many young Ladies lack the self esteem and tools

needed to build their confidence, often times they are ashamed to ask for

help. Our goal is bring the youth in the program out of their comfort zone

and give them a voice of passion through several avenues of expression.

We are equipping them to engage their community by molding into young

leaders. Our program offers the following programs to support our mission:


-Dancing: Anything from African, Modern and Hip Hop. Not only do we

dance for fun, but also as a way of expression. It’s an excellent therapy toolfor those who need an outlet when dealing with personal issues and it alsohelps build confidence. The youth in the program often get to perform thedances learned at community events.


-Girl Talk: During Girl Talk we discuss topics that young Ladies can relate

to such as relationships, beauty, health, school, etc.


Mentorship: We provide young ladies with access to mentors that provides

them with the tools needed to be able to overcome life challenges. Our

mentors have relevant life experiences and stories on how they were able

to overcome certain situations growing up in challenging environments. This is imperative because the youth are able to identify similarities and feel comfortable with talking to our mentors being that they are a able to relate to pressures of being a young lady.


-Trips: We have occasional outings where the girls can meet one another and spend

time with each other. Trips may include: Recreational/Theme parks, Mall, Local

Events, etc.


-Music: We also give the girls an opportunity to express themselves through music and spoken word. We offer a instruments and a recording studio for those who have a passion or

would like to explore their talents with music and arts.