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Developmental support:


Chords Enrichment youth believes that all youth require developmental support in an effort to be successful. We assist youth by providing with tools that will assist in their development. These tools consist of workshops on, leadership skills, appropriate social skills, conflict management, cognitive behavior and others. Experts in the social service fields such as LCSW and LCSW interns facilitate these workshops.

Music and Performing arts:

Chords music program is design to cultivate the talents of youth

who have a desire to write, play produce, and perform music and

dance. Chords Enrichment Youth Program provides a healthy

environment for youth between the ages of 11-18. These youth

are taught various fundamentals of music instructed by skilled

musicians, performing artist, producers and engineers. Chord

teaches youth the history of music as well as the importance of

music from a therapeutic perspective. Chords will allow yout to

use their skills to record music and to perform for the community,

peers and their families. Chords will only promote positive music of

all different genres.


Education Program:


We do not turn kids away for having failing grades but in order to participate youth must be enrolled in our tutoring program onsite or at school and if its offsite they must show proof of this. We believe the importance of education so we do whatever we need to do to assist our youth to be successful