Welcome to Chords Youth Enrichment Program

Chords supports inner city youth by promoting education through creative arts, music, and communications. The programs is designed to cultivate the youth talents by giving he or the opportunity to explore music, creative arts, and communications. Youth enrolled in the program receives one-on-one support in an effort increase academic skills,life, and participates in weekly workshops that will assist them with developmental, critical thinking, and social skills.


We provide services to children who are economically challenged and are considered at risk teens. Many families in the community are in a financial strain and cannot afford to send their children to afterschool programs

that often require a fee. Chords is a free program to the youth between the ages of 11-17. Chords is a safe haven for San Bernardino’s youth. We create a learning atmosphere that allows the youth to enjoy themselves and engaged in structured activities in an effort to minimize risky behaviors,.


The youth can apply the skills learned, to stay productive and to increase their

chances of successful by not engaging in negative behaviors. We strive to

provide youth with the tools needed in order to reach their goals and not fall to

gangs, drugs and alcohol. Chords continues to use its resources to assist youthto be successful whether its taking a youth to visit a college or allowing youth anopportunity otherwise their families may not be able to provide, such asrecording in an industry standard studio and learning multiple job skills hands-on. Chords believe that the skills learned could possibly become a career

in the future.


Chords often deal with at risk teens who are struggling academically and

behaviorally. We do not turn kids away for behaviors, in fact we intervene an assist the youth to be able to modify their behavior by providing the tools they need in order to decrease their behaviors. Chords believe in keeping a strong relationship with the youth families in an effort to see which areas they mayneed support with their youth. At chords, we offer workshops that will assist the youth to make better decision in order to decrease behaviors. At Chords, webelieve in education so while you are participating in the program we require

parents bring the progress report of the youth in order to see where the youth

may need some assistance in, regarding their academics. We want our youth

to be successful and to become leaders who have the ability to overcome the

obstacles they may face.