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My Name is Edwin Johnson I have been working in the social service field with children and families

for the past 16 years. My expertise consists of behavior modification, counseling support, family

stabilization and management. I have ran groups such as angermanagement, domestic violence,

substance abuse, gang awareness training, cognitive behavioral therapy , (Thinking for a Change) to

inmates and parolees.. I have supervised inmates, parolee’s youth and their families providing them

with the tools and support needed to be successful and stabilized upon reentering society. I have

worked in institutions, crises homes for youth, group homes and as a community partner assisting

families with resources for their youth. I have the ability to connect with the individuals I serve because

my approach is strength base which allows me to meet the individual where they are and build off

strengths they may not know existed. In 2012 I founded my own nonprofit for youth in the city of San

Bernardino which continues to serve at risk teen and their families.


Edwin Johnson was born in Los Angeles, CA. At a young age, he and his siblings lived in and out of

shelters and motels in Los Angeles and San Bernardino for an extended period of time because his

mother was on the run from Edwin’s father, who was extremely abusive towards her, Edwin and his

siblings. Being that his father was blood affiliated, he would force Edwin to dress up in all red and fight

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